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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Foundation Health Partners is sponsoring a free parenting class series called ‘Particular Parenting.’ The four week session is free to the public.

For the first four weeks of October, a class will be held every Wednesday at 6 p.m. The sessions will take place in the Miss Ghezzi room on the third floor of the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. There will be a 1 hour lecture followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers.

On October 2nd they will focus on parent behavior, the 9th is child behavior, the 16th dives into discipline and it wraps up on the 26th with struggles and conflicts.

Madeline Nance, the presenter of the class, is the owner of the Family Tutor and Mentor Network. She has been teaching parenting skills in Alaska for over 25 years. She says one of the benefits of the classes is awareness.

“Like the issue of whether or not behavior is appropriate or inappropriate,” said Nance. “Sometimes you have to interrupt either appropriate of inappropriate behavior depending on the situation. However, if the child is just being a child and you tell them they can’t be a child, this is frustrating and also makes them feel guilty for just being who they are. You would handle those [situations] differently than those you just have to interrupt.”

She incorporates into her lessons what she refers to as ‘parenting yourself while parenting your children’.

“A lot of us are still hung up with something [from] our childhood,” said Nance. “If we haven’t looked through it and resolved the issues sometimes we just repeat them with our own children.”

Whether someone is a parent, grandparent, guardian, or a child care provider, Nance says everyone can learn something from these classes.

“I have never had a client or a participant who was sorry they came to the class,” said Nance. “There’s always something that in the curriculum to help them.”

No registration is needed for these classes.

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