Tastes of Normal

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sitting on my favorite chair by my window killing a little time before meeting my BFF for a spin class tonight.

I just got home from recording a podcast interview with Rebecca Soffer, the founder of Modern Loss, an irreverent site about grief.

I worked a half day (I’m working part-time filling in for a friend who’s on maternity leave) in an office, and I filed a story for Self before going to work. I sat in front of my light box, I journaled, I read from Journey to the Heart.

I’m texting with a bevy of boys, and will hopefully have some dates coming up.

I started a new med last week, and I have more hope. While I’m trying to learn not to judge/measure myself by my productivity or lack thereof, it feels so so good to have days like this—days like I used to have. Maybe that was never sustainable, but it still feels nice to have a taste of “old me.”

Yesterday was a particularly dark day (for no good reason, YAY), so these flashes of light are extra appreciated.

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